Our Spectacular litters 

In this section you will find the result of our selective mating work, which is represented in the quality of these puppies

Litter "A"

CH. Doctor Timit Tor   -     Vokica Winner Civi

(Lucifer Timit Tor - Hera Timit Tor)               (CH. Tk's New Yorker - Ramona Winner Civi)

Nine beautiful puppies, born on 06/17/2018. 3 females and 6 males, including our

Africano Von Weiler House

Litter "B"

CH. Deacon Von Hause Edeltein     -    Vokica Winner Civi

(CH. Lex Von Hause Edeltein - Asi Von Hause Edeltein)      (CH. Tk's New Yorker - Ramona Winner Civi)

Eight beautiful puppies, born on 03/30/2019. 4 females and 4 males, including our

Bella Von Weiler House

Litter "C"

Mambo Von Haus Zizakov   -     CH. Star Von Animo Kids

(Silva Black Allusion - Oti Von Haus Zizakov)        (CH. Lucky of Kinder Royal Rott - Rianna Von Hause Pista)

Five beautiful puppies, born on 06/09/2019. 3 females and 2 males, including the Top puppy Chie Von Weiler House

Litter "D"

Bumblebee From Royal Breed   -  Happy From Royal Breed

(CH. Doctor Timit Tor  - Aya From Royal Breed)        (CH. Novy From Royal Breed - CH. Groovy From Royal Breed)

top quality

in heat !!

Nine beautiful puppies, born on 06/09/2019. 1 female and 8 males.

Very strong and correct puppies

Litter "E"

Diablo Timit Tor         -      CH. Lussy Von Der Bahnbrucke 

(Lucifer Timit Tor - Hera Timit Tor)                          (Karlos Von Hause Edelstein   -   Ana Von Der Bahnbrucke)

Puppies are here!

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