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For years he has imported dogs of the best breeders from Germany, Russia, Serbia, Spain, USA, and other countries, in order to obtain the best results in each breed that he has made.

One litter of Von Weiler’s House is the result of years of dedication,respect, responsibility and working hard to get better. Be part of this wonderful experience when you get a Von Weiler’s House puppy as a family Member.
​It's Founder Luiz Diaz


Luis Diaz breeder of Rottweilers, with more then 25 years of experience, handler and training. Diaz started his dream in 1992, with the objective of highlighting the characteristics of the breed in a professional, exclusive and specialized way.

Von Weiler’s House Kennel, has been characterized as a kennel of excellence and prestige, his selective breeds have demonstrated the respect of there owners for maintaining a line of litter in the best international standards. His passion for raising balanced rottweilers, healthy mind and healthy structure, free of dysplacia and other defects disqualifying the breed, has been the main objective since its foundation.

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